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Our Moon is happy to announce the launch of our applications for our 2024-25 Young Leaders Programme. We are inviting recent Grade 12 leavers (who completed either in 2023 or 2022) who have strong academic grades, come from financially-disadvantaged households, and want to make a difference in society. We are looking for students with a wide rage of academic interests. Mostly, we want students who yearn to learn, have an open mind, have the potential to lead and are good team players, and are passionate about making a difference in the world. 


Our Moon’s Young Leaders Programme is a university and life preparation course. It is an intensive, fulltime programme lasting approximately 18 months. It combines a challenging academic programme with learning how to look after your physical, mental and spiritual health, internships and project work.

All attendees have gone on to universities around the world to study a wide variety of subjects. They all have a sincere desire to give back to their communities, and are actively involved in projects, work or studies that further this goal. 

On our programme, you will:
  • Learn basic and more advanced IT skills
  • Discover yourself through your Identity and Expression course
  • Research your academic passions and write a 4000-word essay on a glocal issue
  • Develop your critical reading and writing skills
  • Improve your English grammar and punctuation
  • Prepare for SATs and Duolingo English Test
  • Apply to universities and for scholarships
  • Gain employability skills through projects, internships or entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Learn how to look after your physical health
  • Take part in community service.

What are the criteria to become a Young Leader?

    6-8 points in best six subjects

    From a low-income home

    Ability to follow and comply with instructions

    Demonstrate potential to lead


    • All applicants are expected to have achieved a high academic standard and must have completed high school in Zambia. We would typically expect students to have gained between 6-8 points from six, out of eight, subjects in their Grade 12 ECZ exams. There is a little leeway for a student with a very strong application in other areas.
    • We expect all students to be from low-income families who cannot afford our programme, or to go to university within Zambia, without full financial support. We strongly attempt to run an ethical programme; therefore, any student found to be lying about their financial situation will be immediately dismissed.
    • All accepted students will be expected to withdraw from any other university preparation programmes and make themselves available for full time study whether at home or in Chibombo. All accepted students will be expected to attend all bootcamps.
    • If a students narrowly fails to get onto our programme, we will offer them the chance to participate in our Identity and Expression Programme. This will include developing your basic IT skills as well as helping you develop your identity, the way you express yourselves and communicate both in writing and orally, and help you set goals for your future.
    • When participating in bootcamps, Our Moon will provide tuition fees, food, accommodation, internet and learning materials. We have a house parent who looks after the safety of the students and night watch people who patrol our grounds at night. When studying from home, Our Moon will provide data to ensure you can get online. Once we know where our students are located, we will organise either learning hubs if there are groups of students or spaces in internet cafes for short periods of time. 

    Meet Tamali

    In addition, you can watch this short video from one of our alumni, Tamali, who describes the impact Our Moon has had on her. Tamali is now studying Pharmacy at USIU in Kenya. 


    To reach many more students, we are changing the way we select students and deliver our programme.

    Subject to meeting our criteria above, students will be involved in a level of self-selection. We will ask you to complete some tasks prior to making final selection. Your commitment to delivering these tasks will facilitate your progression to subsequent stages.

    Unlike previous years, our programme will be delivered partly to you at home with blocks of time on site, in Chibombo. We are looking for the most motivated students to participate.

    For those students who narrowly fail to meet our requirements, we will be offering places on our online Identity and Expression Programme. Enthusiastic participants may have a chance to move to our Young Leaders Programme.

    How to apply

    For help and more information about our programme, watch this video.

    TIMETABLE FOR 2024-25

    • January 2024 - Register your interest using this form
    • 4 February 2024 - Registrations close at midnight in Zambia (23:59:59 CAT)
    • February and March - Tasks phase - part of the selection process is to set you a range of tasks to test your strengths, your ability to understand and comply with instructions, your ability to deliver assignments on time and your enthusiasm
    • March and April – Bootcamp 1: Outstanding students will be invited to Our Moon in Chibombo for final selection and to start the programme, including Reflective Writing for Public Speaking, IT skills, English skills (language and literature)
    • May-July - Start research essay from home, take part in online programmes. Full time study required
    • August - September - Bootcamp 2: Return to Chibombo for university guidance programme, and to continue Our Moon courses and SAT prep
    • October - SATs, completion of research essay and continuation with courses from home
    • November - Bootcamp 3: Return to Chibombo to complete all courses and course work and work on university applications
    • December - Return home to complete university applications
    • Christmas and New Year's - Break while still progressing university application.

    • January/February - May - Internships and/or projects and/or entrepreneurship opportunities, while progressing university applications and continuing online learning
    • April 1 - Most university decisions are out
    • June/July - At home preparing for university
    • July - Graduation in Chibombo and becoming an Our Moon Alum!
    • August - Depart university**.

    *The duration of the bootcamps will highly dependent on the number of qualifying finalists.

    **University places are not guaranteed and departure times can vary depending on country.

    ***All timings subject to change

    Interest Registration

    Our Moon is recruiting for our 2024-25 Young Leaders Programme. If you graduated from high school in 2022 and 2023, have an outstanding academic record and enjoy leadership, we invite you to register your interest in applying to Our Moon.


    If you have any questions, contact Tionge, a current Young Leader, at tionge.ourmoon@ourmoon.org.uk

    Good luck!